Hambone Cavaliers

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Welcome to Hambone Cavaliers!

Home of AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. We've been stewards of this magnificent breed for over ten years. Our goal is to constantly try to improve the health and structure of the Cavalier through conscious breeding and showing competitively in AKC open shows. 
Our goal at Hambone Acres is to provide happy and healthy Cavaliers to happy and healthy homes. Ours dogs know NO stranger - one kind word and they're ready to go home with you.
Cavaliers are social dogs and are great with children of all ages. They are of mild nature and do not require daily rigorous activity. They are happiest sitting on a lap, no matter whose it is. As the largest member of the Toy Group, a Cavalier is the perfect size, not too small while not being large and hard to manage.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jack's puppy Bridgett and her owner Karen on this amazing C-ATCH award! Bridgett and Karen have been working HARD and have earned an amazing achievement.

Bridgett is a CPE (Canine Performance Event) Agility Trial Champion!

Please visit us on Facebook to learn a little more about our dogs at Hambone Acres on FB.
We are located in the beautiful state of Oregon in the countryside of Oregon City.
For more information about the Cavalier please visit AKC's official website at http://www.akc.org/breeds/cavalier_king_charles_spaniel/index.cfm to see if this breed is right for you.
If interested in joining a Cavalier Club, please visit Cavaliers of the West for more information.